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Cap, CC Carole Productions copyright 1996-20000

Kadrolsha Ona Carole (CC for short)

Kadrosha starred in CC The Huntress Paranormal Adventure Episodes


Kadrolsha Ona is the Queen of The Paranormal a Pop Culture Icon.

visit her at her new site.


Kadrolsha Ona Carole, starred as CC Carole for her Paranormal Adventure Series CC The Huntress. Kadrolsha did what no other women in the industry did and that was to bring you a live action as it happening in front of the camera paranormal TV show. Many ground breaking paranormal techniques and firsts. Kadrolsha put out over 180 programs filled with historical data and a live paranormal investigation as the camera was rolling. The ghostly connections are amazing. She did her program CC The Huntress with only a video guy capturing the action. There is still to date no a show like it anywhere. Kadrolsha's Bio can be read on the Kadrolsha Ona page on her new website Her programs are still in hot demand. All of her exciting show will be available via download stream thru Amazon in the near. In the mean time you can enjoy her episode previews on youtube channel Kadrolsha is also the Queen of the EVPS. Electronic Voice phenomenon. You can listen to the ghosts answering question for her on her youtube channel. On another note Kadrolsha On (CC) Carole is the host and creator of ES News. ES New is a fun interview program with Stars and businesses. You can watch her delightful interviews on her youtube channel as well




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